Halloween Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

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This blog post needs zero introduction. Get into the Halloween spirit by following some of the best of the best (you won’t regret it!).

1. @wuppleshalloween

Calling all costume lovers! This IG account is chalk full of unique ideas for all of those Halloween parties you have lined up.

2. @creepinitcreepy

Halloween all year-round? Yes please! Jenny G creeps it real with skulls, monsters, and pumpkins galore (oh, and plenty of gore).

3. @halloweenyearround

Orange you glad we showed you this one? This IG feed is giving us all the Halloween feels (and it kinda reminds us of our Traditional Box Sets).

4. @halloweenherbivore

Think of this Halloween account as your own personal shopper! Ashli collects all things spooky—and you can, too!

5. @theharvestmoonwitch

Two words: Halloween goals. What we love most about this feed? Her moody photos and spook-worthy finds. Enough said!

6. @theautumnpeople

A collection of autumn inspo that gives us all the feels. Is it Halloween yet? Just checking...

7. @haunting.autumn

We could seriously just stare at this feed forever! This IG account is so cozy, it makes you want to live in each photo. Seriously, you have to check it out!

8. @fall.lifestyle

All fall everything! This account is all about living that autumn lifestyle—from decorations to movie references, pumpkins and more! This one’s a can’t-miss.

9. @halloweenpumpkingirl

Calling all pumpkin spice lovers! We never met a pumpkin we didn’t like, and clearly @halloweenpumpkingirl feels the exact same! Think: drinks, recipes, and decor galore (all pumpkin-themed, of course).

10. @autumn.in.new.england

It’s probably safe to say that autumn in New England is the ultimate. So someone made an account for it! Because, duh. Check out this IG feed, and then book your next vacay.

11. @autumn_ilove

Autumn, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! @autumn_ilove takes everything we adore about fall and puts them all in one place. Ahh, love.

12. @halloween._.holiday

We guarantee you’ll spend at least 5 hours looking through this feed. If you’re in need of some Halloween makeup inspo, this account is your new go-to. #swooning

13. @halloweendays

Nostalgia overload! Why we love this IG: old movie clips! Psst...good inspiration when making your Halloween movie list! Get the popcorn ready.

14. @halloweenmakeupideas

More makeup ideas, please! This IG account takes Halloween to the next level of glam.

15. @vintage_halloween

Throwback! This Instagram is giving us all the nostalgic feels, and we’re so into it. Vintage decor, retro costumes and photos—what more could you ask for?

16. @31nightsofhalloween

Perfect for our HallowMEME Mondays! We’re absolutely obsessed with a good meme, and we’re just as equally obsessed with Halloween—which is why this IG account is absolute perfection.

17. @halloweenhappy

Last, but certainly not least, is Sam from @halloweenhappy! Why we love it: she has a podcast and vlog dedicated to all things horror! Woah. We’re on board.

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween Instagram roundup! Not to brag or anything, but we have a pretty great IG account, too #humble. We’d love to be friends!


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Have any other amazing accounts that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment below!

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