These Elf On A Shelf Ideas Will Have You Falling Off Your Chair

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Hi everyone, Liss here!

Well, our third and final tree was put up Sunday night, aka the family tree. Once it’s decorated, the house is considered full of Christmas spirit, and you know what that means...

It’s time to welcome the damn elves.

We don’t do “Elf on a Shelf.” Ours happen to be generic plush elves named Tootsie and Tinker Twinkle (and yes, sadly there needs to be two to watch over each child!)

They return tonight by large paper airplane with runway lit by rope lights:

Two stuffed elves

Only two weeks to go with the damn elves. But sadly, this will probably be our last year, as Myles is questioning Santa. Ava hasn’t believed in years, but plays along for Myles sake.

It was a good 12+ year run with the elves between both kids, so in honor of our Christmas tradition, I’ve rounded up some of the funniest Elf on a Shelf ideas to get you in the holiday spirit! Take a look...

Hilarious Poses For Your Elf On A Shelf

1. Chocolate Kisses // I Heart Naptime

You’ve been caught red-handed! Er...chocolate-mouthed!

Elf on the shelf with chocolate


2. Trapped! // Jennifer Saintz

This probably won’t end well...

Elf on the shelf trapped

3. Blame Game // A Small Snippet

“ was Myles!”

Elf on the shelf cereal


4. Reindeer Poo // I Think We Could Be Friends

Whoever smelt it, dealt it!

Elf on the shelf poo reindeer

5. Incognito // Your Modern Family

Just one of the turtles...

Elf on the Shelf with Ninja Turtles


6. Wrecking Ball // Netmums

Miley Cyrus never saw THIS coming!

Elf on the Shelf wrecking ball


See what we mean? Those damn elves are pretty funny! Which one is your favorite? Is there one we missed? Leave a comment!

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