Trust Us, Your Kid’s Valentines Box Is Going to Shine This Year

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Trust Us, Your Kid’s Valentines Box Is Going to Shine This Year
In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away! And if you have any kids, you know what that means…

Time to help the little ones make a Valentine Box for all those classroom valentines!

Gone are the days of wrapping a shoebox in gift wrap or aluminum foil with a slot in the top (we’re SO over it!). That’s why we’ve put together a list of ideas for creative Valentine boxes.

Psst… something to keep in mind: Today, Valentine cards tend to come with a treat of some sort (think: candy, snack or party favor). So keep that in mind when making your box. No need to go overboard! Just make sure the opening is able to receive more than just a folded paper card.

We really encourage you to take the time to do this holiday craft with your children. They may not remember any of the Valentines they receive from their friends, but they will remember the time they spent with you crafting the Valentine masterpieces.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite, easy Valentine holders!

1. Cereal Box Valentine Holder

Cereal suitcase valentine's box.

What do Froot Loops and Valentine’s Day have in common? Love! This Valentine’s Day, go green with leftover cereal boxes! Get the instructions here.

2. Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Box

Hot air balloon Valentine's day box
This Hot Air Balloon idea just swept us off our feet! (Get it?) If you’re looking for something unique and different, look no further.

3. Panda Bear Valentine Card Holder

Panda Bear Valentine's Box

This Panda Bear box is un-bear-ably cute! All you need are some old cereal boxes (yep, knew these would come in handy again!), paper plates, paint brushes, and wiggly eyes.

4. Feed Me! Valentine’s Box

Feed me Valentine's Box

Now THIS is clever! We’ve never seen anything like it. First, take a high-res picture of your kids, and tell them to open up those mouths nice and big. Then print them out on a 100 pound semi-glossy cardstock. Get the full instructions here.

5. Lego Valentine Box

Lego Valentine's day box

If you have boys, chances are they probably LOVE Legos! This one is especially for them. And don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks. Check out the instructions!

6. Mini Trash Bin Valentine Box

Valentine Trash Bin
This Mini Trash Bin Valentine Box is so simple and unique! If you have a Silhouette Machine, all you’ll need is some white vinyl and a mini trash bin from the dollar store. We’re in love!

Which box is your favorite? Have a unique Valentine box idea up your sleeve? Leave a comment below!

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