Membership Terms

Box Membership Terms

At Deckd, we offer a Deckd Box Membership (each, a “Membership”). Please review these Deckd Box Membership Terms carefully and make sure you understand them before enrolling.  

By signing up for a Membership, you agree to the terms below, as well as our Terms of Use and Sale.

  1. Memberships. A Membership consists of the purchase of a seasonal box assortment (each, a “Box”) together with creating and maintaining an active membership account. There is no fee assessed to a membership account aside from any fees associated with your purchase of a Box.  

If you sign up for a Deckd Membership, you will be billed for the chosen box assortment you select.  You will select the holiday, pick your color palette and choose assortment size. Deckd reserves the right in its sole discretion to update, decrease or increase the price associated with each box type. Any change in price shall not affect or change the price of any boxes ordered prior to the price change. That selected Box will be the box assortment you receive.  Thereafter, your credit card will be charged the appropriate amount up to four weeks in advance of the subsequent shipment date.

The specific box assortment you receive is subject to availability as stated in the Terms of Use and Sale.  

You are free to forego and not select a box for any holiday you choose. Deckd does not charge you unless an order has been placed. Furthermore, there are no membership fees associated with a Deckd Membership. Your Membership is provides you with seamless access to the Deckd Site (as defined in the Terms of Use and Sale) and to submit orders for boxes you wish to purchase.

  1. Cancellation Policy. Customers may cancel a Membership at any time, subject to the time frames noted. In order to cancel your Membership, you must do one of the following: (a) email us at, indicate that you wish to cancel and follow the instructions that we send you in response; (b) log into your Member Account, navigate to the Edit Accounttab, choose Cancel, and follow the instructions; (c) log into your Member Account, navigate to the Customer Care tab, and follow the instructions; or (d) call us at 614-943-2335, indicate that you wish to cancel and follow the instructions given. There are no cancellation fees.

Cancellations must be affected prior to the billing date of the Membership box assortment. Due to the unique and customized nature of the boxes Deckd provides its customers, any order that has been accepted by Deckd on or before the time you cancel your Membership will be non-refundable and delivered to you.

  1. Claims/Returns. Based on the seasonality of the products we do not allow returns or substitutions of Products. All sales are final. If you receive a damaged or incomplete shipment of Products, please contact us at We must receive notice of a damaged or incomplete shipment within two (2) weeks of your receipt of your order, or if your order is subject to multiple shipments, the receipt of the last portion of your order. Any refunds or replacements are made solely in our discretion.
  2. Gifts/Additional Boxes. Members may choose to send orders to a different address than their own (within the United States). Additional Boxes may be purchased, subject to availability.
  3. Add-Ons. Every season we may offer additional items from our Deckd Boutique on-line store that Members may add to that season’s Box assortment (“Add-Ons”).  Add-Ons for Members are billed along with the Box up to four weeks before Boxes are shipped. Add-Ons are shipped at the same time as your regular Box, unless otherwise indicated.
  4. Shipping and Taxes. For each Box and for all Add-Ons, we may also charge for any applicable taxes and shipping fees. 
  5. Data Transfers. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we may transfer your billing information to our third-party payment processors, other service providers, and certain trusted third parties.
Questions? If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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    Last Updated: April 16, 2018