How to style your deckd DÉCOR

Whether you just received your newest assortment of Deckd or simply need a little styling inspo before you fully commit, you’ve come to the right place! Think of this as your official guide to making your home look like a page out of a magazine (trust us, your friends will think you hired an interior decorator). Let’s get started!

10 not-so-basic decorating tips:

  1. Keep it simple. When it comes to holiday décor, less is always more! No need to go over the top-small updates make a big difference.
  2. Decorate in odds. Fun fact: items always look better together in threes, fives, and sevens. Trust us, the odds are always in your favor.
  3. Commit to a focal point. Let’s face it, seasonal décor is ever changing. Our advice? Anchor your mantel with a tried-and-true mirror, or a clock that works for all seasons.
  4. Create symmetry (or not). While our box sets are built with the asymmetrical in mind, we don’t discriminate! Our online Boutique lets you purchase individual items perfect for balancing out your look.
  5. Add height. Varying heights create interest for the eye. Stuck with only small items? Incorporate books or boxes to give them a lift!
  6. Create dimension. No straight lines here! Try this instead: build triangle clusters, with a taller item in the back and smaller items up front.
  7. Overlap items. Don’t worry-overlapping your items won’t take away from their cuteness factor. In fact, it’ll make them stand out.
  8. Embrace empty space. No need to space out your décor-keep items tight and close together. The empty space creates borders to frame your decorations.
  9. Try a tray. Why do we love a good tray? It’s practical, stylish way to anchor your decorative items! Plus, it’s easy to remove if you need the extra space.
  10. Store it. When it’s time to pack up print off this styling guide and keep it with your décor in your Deckd box until next year. Your future self will thank you!