Stumped on Love? Here Are 8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas They Never Saw Coming

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8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas They Never Saw Coming

Ready to win at Valentine’s Day? You’re in luck! Since we’re just so in love with love, we wanted to help you out a bit because, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky (and after so many years together, your gift ideas probably need a little refresh).

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and, sorry to say it, love just can’t wait! So get ready to sweet talk your hubby, wow your gals, catch eyes with your crush and maybe—just maybe—show yourself some lovin’. These Valentine’s Day gift ideas can’t be beat!

Read on for 8 easy and unique Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll leave them speechless...

1. Go on, give ‘em some sugar

Candy Bento Box (Dark)

For Him: Sugar, spice & everything vice. Show him just how much you love him with Sugarfina’s Vice Collection, a dapper 8-piece candy box filled with chocolate, bacon and boozey flavors.

Candy Bento Box


For Her: Three words: Best. Gift. EVER. Want a sweet way to send the perfect gift? Sugarfina’s Design Your Own Bento Box is here to save the day. Simply choose her favorite candy, then ship it to her door. Easy for you, deliciously sweet for her!

2. Let’s get personal

My life so far journal

For Him: Inspire your S.O. to create a lasting family keepsake for generations to come with UncommonGoods’ My Life Story - So Far Journal. This book gives them prompts for recording their life's experiences, relationships and hard-won wisdom.

What I love journal

For Her: Speechless? UncommonGoods did most of the work for you with their What I Love About You by Me Book. All you have to do is fill in the blank and let the waterworks flow (mostly from your end, we’d assume).

3. Dinner for two (at your place!)

Creamy Linguine

For Him: Let’s face it, sometimes men can be difficult to buy for (sorry, guys). So if your man’s love language is “all the food,” he’ll adore a romantic meal more than any other gift. Plus, booking reservations on Valentine’s Day can be a little bit of a challenge, right?

Marinated steak flank

For Her: There’s nothing more attractive than a man who can cook! Sweep her off her feet with these piece-of-cake recipes you just can’t mess up even if you tried. Psst...that marinated flank steak looks divine!

4. A love that lasts…

Vintage romance box set

For Him & Her: True love is like a fine wine—it gets better with age! Fall in love with our antique-inspired Vintage Romance Box Set, filled with cupid-approved decor you’ll both adore (like a romantic candle, matches and roses!).

Love you forever box set

For Her: An assortment that’s red-hot now and perfect all year ‘round! Our Love You Forever Box Set lives well on past Valentine’s Day (because let’s face it, she deserves to love herself for more than one day of the year!).


Which gift is on your list? We wanna know. Leave a comment below!

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