Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for a Deckd Membership?

  • Hooray! We can’t wait for you to join our club. Becoming a Deckd Member is as easy as purchasing your first box set. Viola! That’s it. The best part? There’s no membership fee aside from any associated with your box purchase. Cue the happy dance!

What’s included in my box?

  • It totally depends on which one you order. After you choose which holiday you’d like to celebrate, you’ll pick a palette and budget! Each box set includes an assortment of seasonal decorations, handpicked by our founder (we think it’s pretty cool, too).

Can I buy just one box?

  • You bet. The choice is up to you! Although, we wouldn’t blame you if you chose more than one.

What if I sign up in-between seasons?

  • No worries! Just remember that the specific box set you receive is subject to availability as stated in the Terms of Use and Sale. If the box set you love is available, you’ll receive it in time to decorate and enjoy!

The box set I want is sold out on the website! What are my alternatives?

  • Bummer! If you have your heart set on purchasing one of our box sets, be sure to check out our other box sets (they’re pretty cute, too). Otherwise, you can browse our Deckd Boutique for individual items. Please note that the specific box set you receive is subject to availability as stated in the Terms of Use and Sale.

I don’t celebrate one of the holidays you sell. Can I skip it?

  • Of course! You are free to purchase—or not purchase—any holiday we sell! Deckd does not charge you unless an order has been placed. Not to mention, there aren’t any membership fees associated with Deckd (say what?!). Your membership provides you with seamless access to the Deckd Site to submit orders for box sets you wish to purchase.

What is the Deckd Boutique?

  • Only interested in buying a couple of our items? No problem! No need to purchase a full box set— shop from the online Deckd Boutique to purchase individual items, or build your own box set. Go wild!

What’s an add-on?

  • They’re pretty amazing, actually. Simply put, add-ons are additional items from our online Deckd Boutique. Members (that’s you!) may buy add-ons to their season’s box set. Translation? If you purchase your favorite box set from Deckd, but have your eye on an item from another box set, you can purchase it separately! Add-ons are billed along with your box set up to four weeks before your order is shipped. Add-ons are shipped at the same time as your regular box set, unless otherwise indicated.

When will my credit card be charged?

  • Your credit card will be charged up to four weeks in advance of the subsequent shipment date.

Will I pay sales tax on my box?

  • Depending on your location, we may charge extra for any applicable taxes and shipping fees on each box or add-on item. At this time, we are only required to collect sales tax from purchases shipped within Ohio.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders.

Help! I need to cancel my order.

  • Oh no! Cancellations must be made prior to the shipping date. Here’s why: because of the unique and customized nature of the box sets Deckd provides its customers, any order that has been accepted by Deckd on or before the time you cancel will be non-refundable and delivered to you. Have any questions about this? No problem! Email us at care@deckdhome.com.

What gift options do you offer?

  • Looking to gift someone a box set from Deckd? Lucky them . Members may choose to send orders to a different address other than their own (within the United States). Additional box sets may be purchased, subject to availability.

Can I purchase a Deckd gift card?

  • We agree—Deckd items make great gifts! However, we do not sell gift cards at this time. But trust us: if you’re looking to give your special someone a surprise box of seasonal decor from Deckd, you can’t go wrong!

Do you take returns or exchanges?

  • We’re sorry you didn’t love your Deckd items. At this time, we do not allow returns or substitutions of products. Unless otherwise stated in the Deckd Box Membership Terms, all sales are final. 

How do I report a claim?

  • If you receive a damaged or incomplete shipment of products, please contact us at claims@deckdhome.com. We must receive notice of a damaged or incomplete shipment within two (2) weeks of receipt (as shown on our common carrier’s shipping information). Shipments which you have been notified to have been shipped in multiple shipments shall not be considered incomplete shipments. Any refunds or replacements are made solely in our discretion.

Is Deckd a subscription service?

  • Nope! You are totally in control of your purchases—and we think that’s a pretty big deal. Here’s how it works: you buy the holidays you select, and we charge you for those purchases only. Translation? Purchases are not on repeat.

When will my order ship?

  • We’re hard at work creating and curating each box set by hand. That being said, shipping dates will vary based on each holiday. As soon as your box ships, keep your eyes peeled for a shipment notification email with a tracking number. 

Do you ship internationally?

  • Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time. However, we are working on bringing Deckd everywhere around the world. Tag us on social media @DeckdHome to let us know where you live!

Tell me a little more about shipping cost.

  • Deckd uses a flat rate shipping cost for each order! Every order, no matter how large, is a simple, $7 flat rate for shipping.

    How can I contact Customer Care?

    • Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You can either reach us via live chat on our website, email us at care@deckdhome.com, or by calling 614-943-2335. If you attempt to contact us outside of our normal business hours, no problem! We'll get back to you as soon as we're in.

    Is Deckd on social media?

    • Great question—we sure are! And we promise to only fill your feed with fabulous Deckd designs and inspirations! It’s also where you can keep up to date on Deckd news, decorating tips, and special promotions. Come find us!

    I LOVE to decorate (and I’m pretty good at it, too!). How can I be featured on your page?

    • You go, girl! We’re always looking for amazing décor inspo to share on our social. Simply follow us on any of our platforms, tag @DeckdHome, and use the hashtag #deckdhome. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Where are you located?

    • Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Columbus—aka, the heart of Ohio (we don’t mean to brag, but it’s pretty great). While we don’t have any physical storefront locations (yet), you can shop Deckd online (psst…social media is another great place to find us!).