About Deckd

Anyone else have fond memories of decorating during the holidays as kids? Us, too. There was always something about coloring eggs, fireworks, trick-or-treating, cutting down the tree and baking cookies that made us all giddy inside.

The truth? Decorating for the holidays doesn’t stop at childhood—it follows us well into adulthood (and we’re not ashamed!). These little moments of nostalgia remind us to slow down during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and create lasting memories with the ones we care about.

Enter: Deckd.

Curated, Seasonal Décor Delivered Right to Your Door.

Let’s face it: time isn’t always exactly on your side. But when it comes to decorating, we can take it from here. Deckd curates on-trend items and delivers them directly to your door—so you can focus on everything else.

With Deckd, refreshing your seasonal décor is simple and easy! Just select your favorite palette, and choose your assortment size and decorating budget. That’s it! We’ll hunt down the items and ship them right to your door.

Deckd is not a subscription service. Which means you are totally in control of your purchases—and we think that’s a pretty big deal. Here’s how it works: you buy the items you want, and we charge you for those purchases only. Translation? Purchases are not on repeat.

Before Deckd, founder Liss Hayes worked in the fashion and home décor industries collaborating with designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. But the true magic began when she found herself hunting down decorating finds and ideas for her busy friends and family during the holidays. Liss quickly saw the need to offer an easy and convenient way to buy on-trend seasonal décor and share decorating ideas. And that's exactly how Deckd was born—from people just like you!

The holidays should be a time when we get together and celebrate, not about stressing out and running around town trying to make everything perfect.

It's time to take something off your plate. It's time to take back your holidays!