6 Simple Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces That Won’t Distract From The Feast

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We all know who the real star of the show is on Thanksgiving: the food! From the golden brown turkey to the vibrant green beans, and let’s not forget about the dessert, these can’t-live-without staples are a decor statement on their own.

So, how do you set the table for Thanksgiving without overshadowing the showstoppers (aka, the feast)?

The short answer: keep it simple. Start with one of these minimalist centerpieces to set the festive mood, while allowing plenty of space on the table for food!

1. Fall Terrarium


Fall TerrariumAmbiance and foliage make this centerpiece a Thanksgiving win! Use a wide-mouth glass bowl or vase, then layer it up! Start your bottom layer with rocks, your second layer with moss, then top it all off with acorns and pinecones. Lastly, add your mini pumpkins. Easy, right?

Psst...we like the addition of twinkle lights that Clean & Scentsible did with their Lighted Fall Terrarium. What do you think?

2. Pumpkin Vessel

White Pumpkin Vessel

Pick a pumpkin—any pumpkin that would be appropriate for the size of your table. Trust us, we’ve never met a pumpkin we didn’t like, just as long as you leave ample amount of room for serving dishes.

Start here: cut off the top of the pumpkin by carving a circle around the stem. Be sure the opening is large enough to insert a glass or plastic container. Core it out, then scoop out the insides and pat dry. Insert your container and add water (we suggest using a recycled yogurt or sour cream container). Then, go crazy! Design your arrangement however you please. We suggest mums, hypericum berries, goldenrod and eucalyptus. We really love the White Pumpkin Vase with Ornamental Cabbages version by Room for Improvements.

As an alternative, create candle holders carved out of mini pumpkins or gourds! It’s easy: core out your gourd or pumpkin to fit your candle of choice—tapers, tea lights or a votive will do. The Revel Blog shares how to make these Gourd’eous Candle Holders. Check it out!

3. Tall & Fall

Tall Fall Flower

Subtle pops of color are just the thing you need to liven up the Thanksgiving table!

Pick a tall container (a vase or pitcher would work great!). Nature’s beauty is plentiful—hopefully you live in an area where the leaves are changing colors. If so, find a tree with changing leaves, then cut some of its branches (note: be sure it’s on your property or you have been granted permission!). Otherwise, a simple Google search or trip to any craft store will give you plenty of options. Stay with one beautiful color for a monochromatic look or go with the assorted look with varying colors. Once you have your branches and leaves, cut them down to fit the container. Arrange and enjoy!

Another suggestion: fill the container with wheat, like the picture above. Wheat is a great fall neutral, and we love what Inspired by Charm did with their DIY Color Wrapped Wheat. The pops of color are a great way to coordinate a fall decorating palette into your tablescape.

4. Go Nuts!

Bowl of Nuts

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is super easy. You probably have everything you need right in your kitchen!

Select varying glass hurricanes, vases or jars. Put appropriately-sized white or ivory unscented candles into the glass containers. Next, surround your candles with a shelled nut.  We suggest walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

You can also fill the glass containers with dried corn, beans, peas or even popcorn kernels, like Amanda Jane Brown!

5. Illuminated Cake Stand

Thanksgiving Cake Stand

Who says cake stands are only for cake? The height of a cake stand is the perfect way to keep your table space free for all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Simply add a small wreath to the cake stand plate, then fill the area inside of your wreath with an assortment of pillar candles. We suggest using unscented candles—the delicious aromas of your feast do all the heavy lifting for you!

Get some autumn inspo from our favorite cake stand masterpiece by Pretty Providence. You can also surround the candles with an ornamental bittersweet plant, for more of a fall appeal. And if you have a long table with plenty of space, we like this idea from BHG—they used four pumpkins and four different cake stands! Simply genius.

6. Pillared Pumpkins

Pillared pumpkin stand

Just like our cake stands, these candle holders save the day by saving prime real estate on your Thanksgiving table.

Use varying heights of pillar candle holders, five or seven in total. Fun fact: items always look best in groups of three, five or seven (psst…you can read more on why it’s best to decorate in odds here!). Trust us, the odds are always in your favor...

Top each holder with a mini pumpkin or use a mix of pumpkins and unscented candles, like Digs Digs shown above. The white pumpkin and silver candle holders are truly a dream come true!

We’re Dreaming Of An Early Christmas

These simple centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table are easy, affordable and so much fun. But for those of you who love to whip out the Christmas decor sooner rather than later, we’ve got you covered:

Set the table with our Deckd 7-Piece Neutral Box Set. Oh-so-chic with gold-tone accents, these snowmen are neutral enough for Thanksgiving, and festive enough to usher in the season.


Have any simple centerpiece tricks up your sleeve? Share them in the comments below!

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